Vernacular Understated

My thoughts and the freedoms of it..... Hope it is what you want it to be

"Why men and women cant see eye to eye"

Our queens seek an emotional satisfaction 
Unpleasant to the kings of our reality 
Hearts colliding with visions of two mediums unequivocally met thru our lustful vengeance
A pattern of circles due to confusion with commitment 
And binding loyalty
Down to the varying neurons we think and act differently
But why? 
Numerous variables can be considered…
As a king the mindset is set at the very stage of childhood 
The chase is what we base our whole existence
Gambling with the thought of lets see who can get her first
But whos to say whos worse
Neighboring women of our queens express that if a man cant provide and take care of her he doesnt deserve a chance 
Who knows maybe not right now but that king may become a great man 
The kings ego is something that he holds dearly 
When the queen cares less or nearly 
Sex drive and communication often channels thru a strainer 
diffused of loss minds 
Obligates a man to venture elsewhere
Not intentionally but unconsciously 

Before i was me
People loved me for me
It was the passion and hard work
That made me

I lived for the day
And await for the night 
I scream w/ anger
and put up a fight

My brothers often guide me 
As my feet swept along 
It was only when i finished 
That i realized that im at home

U rationalize and judge my persona
Just by my looks 
but shit im me
and dont try and judge this book

I only need u 
as u will need me
but dont try to judge me
hell cause im me

If u didnt like me before
Dont try and like me now
Its not the letters i wear 
That makes me proud
I make my letters 
and if u have em u make urs 
but its only me 
that sweats from my pores

i must Konfess that im not made 
for everyone’s acceptance
but hell im me 
i guess this is something u should bask in…..

Only when u are struck by a Kobra
Kan u realize that ur heart is Krush
A lil bit Komedy 
Will give ur body the ultimate rush
Only to a certain Kaliber
Will things start to appear
Please dont get Kast Away 
We all need u here
Just bask in Kingston
and things will unfold
Hell just spend all ur Kash
but u might be blowed
Only will a Khemist be able
to put u back in line
But just be Kasual
and keep ur shine
I know it seems like Khaos
but just chill
U’ll be the #1 Kontender 
in every field
I must say this is the end of the note
nothing more nothing less
and this is dotted and signed by ur boy Konfess

R u the one who i seek Kompletely devoted to me If ur the destined one Appear before thee U longing without me And me not knowing Is only murder to both of us May be stressful and hard But we’ll earn the trust If u gain this love Best believe ur fly like a dove And only the foolish ones have left this love And now they wish and hope to the Lord above And im sorry that this is the way that it has to be But back to the subject R u the one i seek If so leave a lil message for me lol

FOolish of me, i placed my life in the hands of a man who despise me No matter how hard i work my talents never seem to reach nor seek I still kant understand what exactly he wants from me but im sure God will judge him for how he treat others and me i set aside life for this bullshit and money is definitely on my mind i kan go back to my street life i got plenty time to grind u knock my hustle while i still got hustle yet alone u are a primary target for me to muscle Of kourse u hate kause thats the way u always lived life u liked to lie about shit but what is done in the dark komes back to stab like a knife Yea alot of this shit beginning to stack up on u like bricks i know u thinkin in ur head u kant handle this shit um foolish of me u know who u r

My heart shatters as would an unkut diamond Still having inspirations of being raw Noone asked how i felt Noone asked what i thought Choosing the life of a cherished jewel but rough n ugly if found by a fool Who would think by choppin beneath the surface would make something so fine I feel people kan be quite the same if u give them some time Try pushing all stereotypes away and focus on whats real N look at every person as a zip lock dont look through the bag but open the seal 

U tellin me that u want me but its lust in ur eyes and i kan see u like how my body moves and how my soft n deep voice soothes i kant blame u for being shallow kause alot of niggas r but i look for this thing kalled love that infects my heart pumped only with affection and komfort it kontinues the dissent with no more no less than its intent seeings how ive told u all of the above i hope that ur intentions now hopes to reach the goal of love no more no less

Truth is… 
I feel that I can be quite complacent at times 
Provoking the feeling of anorexic behavior 
Not eating the chance of progression and achievement
Hungry but eating at a slow rate 
Trying to live this fun life at a fast pace 
Checking reality affluently saying chill wait 
I realize now, that time is of essence 
Caught up in imagination, missing blessings 

Truth is… 
I focus on things that can’t progress me 
My eyes unknowingly glance at her thighs 
Thinking how deep I can be
I acknowledge that the media and society has corrupted my views 
Trying to live a Christian life and lust full life can’t be merged into two 
So I play this game with my heart and mind 
With the primary objective is making them diffuse 
Mind all twisted 
Realizing so much is missing 

Truth is… 
I’ve changed and never would have pictured this life 
My brothers at home still ain’t living right 
I know I can’t say much cause I know that would be me 2 
If I didn’t have supporting people encouraging me to make it thru 
I don’t feel as if it was my determination or drive 
That has kept me moving and my mission alive 
But my structured road sent from the sky 
Questioning myself?
Are my friends meant to be dope boys, crack heads, and baby daddies 
Or the girls baby mamas n pregnant seeking for a d boy sugadaddy

Truth is… 
So many talents thriving laying idle unused 
Prying us out of the live we live unexcused 
Blessings made simply for us neglected and abused 
My invisions of what the world is coming to 
Truth is…

Standing still and emotionless i gaze

Suffocating by these speechless days

Hearts twisted all up

Never meant to be

Guess it never appeared to me

Now chunks and pieces of me

Arent the same

Yet im the only one to blame….

If my heart is ever restored

Ill make sure i make it more

No more being the same

No more of me remain

Yet Im the only one to blame…


This is a game I play…. It’s called welcome to mind….

Distorted with changed feelings of emotion

But grasped and capsulated as a mere image of itself

I find myself inveigled

In an illusion that I once find myself again

I have now realized that there are points in life I can’t change

Realize that satisfaction and success is a balance for my happiness

Yet downfalls and failure is an object weighing down my joy

I’ve spent so much time basking in the absence

Of those who I felt actually care

All that wasted time with hollow silhouettes of existence

I figure it’s hard to realize nothing

Presence isn’t enough any more

Fantasy is so much more appeasing

 I think I’m tired of technology

Yet everyone feeds off of it

Mind downgrade due to twitter and excessive facebooking

Locked and guided on the fascination of others

Can’t be too judgmental on technology though

This is how I can write this and broadcast it

I think of how successful I want to be for my girls

It’s a lot having seven on my plate

They say that’s the number of perfection

I say that’s the number of hard work to keep all of them happy

I feel like I perform well under the pressure

It gives me the will and courage to keep moving  

I thought I wanted free time

Now I realize I love moving

Working my body to perfection is a desired goal

Not sure that will ever happen

Ill enjoy trying

Decisions, decisions, decisions

I’m always faced with them

But who isn’t

I just feel like mine are so much more complicated

And weigh more on my future than everyone else’s

It’s interesting that I sit here thinking about this stuff

Welcome to my mind… #1